jamie (spaceduck8) wrote,

how strange, it just dawned on me that i've had this silly little thing for ten years. it seems so bizarre that i can say that anything has happened to me for ten years, or even twenty. and that as truly silly and small and long gone most of these entries seem now they make up a more complete picture of my last ten years than is in my head, i think... memories are tainted by hindsight and nostalgia but i always told the truth in the moment.

relocated to austin, tx. it's warm here, and a strange mix of overly friendly and extremely snide individuals. i have a business, and some day i might be able to work for myself. i'd like to go back to school, but only because i miss learning things, i miss figuring out how to take what i have and get what i need, i miss writing A+ papers in two days while watching my classmates struggle for two weeks. i never said i was modest, i'm a good paper writer and it gives me satisfaction.

love, still, yes. still wondering how all this happened. i find myself imagining our wedding cupcakes.

i also find myself with an overwhelming need for something more than reality to exist, translating in to an intense interest in the ghostly activity, perhaps-mythical creatures, house fairies. woods near my house hide something strange, shapeless, soundless, shadowy. i'd like to see it again.
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